US 1st Bn, 133rd Infantry

United States 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry, 34th Infantry Division (Red Bulls)

These Allied soldier’s liberated San Vincezo, Leghorn, Italy causing the Stieler’s Hand Atlas to be left behind at the German Command Post


26 June 1944 The Regiment relieved the 143rd Infantry Regiment East of Piombino and continued the attack along highway No. 1.
27 June 1944 The 1st Bn. had a brief but sharp engagement at San Vincenzo and the Regiment continued its advance.
 1 July 1944 Cecina was captured after a hard two day struggle after which the Regiment had a brief rest period.

Killed in Action 27th June 1944 (possibly while taking San Vincenzo):

Bud C. Sexton

Clarence J. Chesney

John J. Gannon

Raymond M. Goodspeed


34th Infantry Division (American) [ of VI Corps, 29 Sep 1943 ]
–  Headquarters and Headquarters Company
–  133rd Infantry Regiment
–  100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) [-2co]
–  [2nd Battalion attached to Allied Force Headquarters, North Africa]
–  135th Infantry Regiment
–  168th Infantry Regiment [-1bn]
–  776th Tank Destroyer Battalion [att]
–  34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized)
–  109th Engineer Battalion
–  34th Division Artillery
–  Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
–  125th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer)
–  151st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer)
–  175th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer)
–  185th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm Howitzer)
–  109th Medical Battalion
–  2634th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
–  2635th Quartermaster Company
–  34th Signal Company
–  Military Police Platoon
–  Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th AAA Group [att]
–  105th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) [att] [-1bty]


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